Monday, September 15, 2008

Trying something new

Here are the girls a week ago, on one of our frequent walks along the bikepath near our home. I'm sure there is much to notice about their garments (!!), but what I want to point out are the new-to-her shin-guards and cleats that Eliza is wearing.  It was a long week, from Soccer Parent meeting and equipment swap to first practice, and she wore those cleats almost every day. I kept waiting for the excitement to wane, for the nervousness and anxiety to move in and shove aside this desire to do something she'd never done before.  She had the choice this fall between dance class, soccer, piano, or something I hadn't yet thought of, and she told us she wanted to join a soccer team and learn japanese.  OooooK! (We're still working out the japanese part...) So here she is following through on wanting to learn something her body didn't know before. She ran and ran and kicked and ran and listened and ran some more.  She is still a little confused about the bigger picture of the game (can you tell we aren't exactly sports nuts?? gotta work on that.), and thinks it's REALLY HARD, but she stuck through the whole practice...

...and ended with this look on her face:

I love watching her grow.


Merry said...

Way to go, Eliza!!! YAHOO!! Keep up the great work!! Your cousin Benjamin would be proud of you!

Makaela said...

Soccer was my fav for years & years (and I think I started by running around and making daisy chains when the ball wasn't near me--so there is no need to rush the game strategy). New place, new look, new things...sounds like y'all are doing it right.
Here is something that might be fun for the plot when it comes time to plant:

alissa said...

that is so fantastic! she looks like she is having fun. fun new skills to learn!

Kerry said...

I just discovered your blog! Sounds like you are are really doing great there in the midwest! And I can't wait to tell Jessica about E's new sport.

Jr Sailor-Frond said...

Hooray for soccer! To help you out with Eliza's other interest, here's a fun word to learn: Ohayo. Yes, it's pronounced like the state. That you live in. And it means "Good morning!" We enjoy your blog and miss being near you in Seattle. :) (from Chrystal via Ben)