Friday, October 24, 2008


Tonight at dinner, Dan was telling me about meeting with his advisor, Dr. Condee.  Anika, who had been intently peeling the melted cheese out of her quesadilla, looked up at him with a wrinkled brow and said "is he a DOCTOR Condee?"  Dan told her that Dr. Condee, with whom he has been taking a class on Southeast Asian puppetry, was not a doctor who heals people, but a doctor who is a thinker, a doctor of philosophy.  I can't remember which of the girls then said, "oh, he's a doctor of puppets?" and there it was. Yes. A Doctor of Puppets. NOW we know what goes on at Papa's school. And here are some photos to prove it.

As an assignment for class, Dan had to make his own shadow puppets and perform a short children's story.  Here he is, hard at work on some awesome renderings of a wacky family favorite "Look and Go Train".  Isn't it nice to know that he gets to do something other than read Thomas Aquinas and Plato?

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