Saturday, October 11, 2008

Forced March

For those of you who imagine that our frequent tromps in the woods and about our world are always peaceful, merry marches, here is a disclosure: sometimes we are going in three separate directions.  Recently we discovered a new walk along the area called The Ridge, just south of the Hocking River, and it has a wide path that cuts through fields and disappears into the woods.  It is beautiful in the evening, as the sun is turning the clouds pink and the deer are venturing out of the woods, and as you finish your walk stars emerge in the growing dark. Well, we headed there the other afternoon, desperately in need of some new scenery in our day and some big space and air. I needed it. Apparently I was alone. Anika thought it was "toooooo sunny" and Eliza dragged her big six year old feet the whole time.  Finally I caved and we struck a compromise - just to the thin line of trees that offer some shade for a quick snack and then home. I promise. I suppose it was my turn to relearn the hard fact that being a family means daily compromise in hopes of harmony...

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