Sunday, November 30, 2008

Giving Thanks for Friends!

We were really fortunate this holiday to have friends from Richmond visiting us! There is nothing like having people you love visit your home to make it feel even more like home.  Even with the wild card of four kids in one house, we all had a wonderful time, and said good-bye with full hearts and some big sighs on Eliza's part. Both girls talk a lot about "our Virginia house" and Ani quite adamantly told me last night that she has a plan to run away to Nancy's house...I was not surprised.

So here we have Henry and Eliza,

Papa on turkey duty

Fancy Nancy with her amazing pumpkin cheesecake

Adventures with face paints gone amok
and some peaceful moments with Jim...

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Jim and sometimes Nan said...

Oh, you dear, precious family - we are so thankful for all of you, and we sooooo enjoyed ourselves at your lovely home. Please tell Ani that she is welcome anytime - as long as she brings her Mama, sis and Papa with her!
We love you guys.
BTW, can't wait to hear about Liza's room?!?!