Sunday, November 2, 2008

Week of Halloween

I will try to not get backlogged with posts like I have been - the stories become a little out of focus and I run out of steam quickly...but here are a few bits of our last couple of weeks:
Ani and I getting ready to head across the street to the Haunted Hallway (what really happened: Eliza and Dan went to see "City Lights" at the theater uptown and had to leave midway through because E started to vomit. So, E and I hunkered down and went to bed while Dan took A on 3 hayrides in the dark.); what the next day looked like (listening to books on tape, drawing, crochet and sorting paint chips. oh, and I locked us in the bedroom, meaning I had to crawl out the window and hail a neighbor to come inside and unlock another window so we could get out.  I felt dumb dumb dumb, but he was great, AND he fixed the door so it won't happen again!);

bake sale #2 (now, wouldn't you want to buy from these girls??);
Our friends Jamie, Chris and Herron came over to trick-or-treat on thursday night, which is when Athens does this. I guess it makes way for the debauchery of the campus-wide party that happens all weekend? (I'll let Dan post on that - he walked through it all to get home late Saturday night and it sounded pretty interesting...) Anyway, just before heading out, Dan threw on a tutu and we lent Chris wings, and I tell you, I think this is what they should do to blow off steam at the end of the week - stroll around Athens dressed just like this, keeping the streets safe (all you Seattlites - think "Q Patrol" gone casual).  I glanced down the street at one point, while sitting on our stoop handing out candy, and there they were, very manly, and deep in manly discussion, the girls nowhere to be seen (having run far ahead for more more more candy!), with their tutu and wings. 

And then there was Halloween. And my husband. I am so glad I got a picture of this. I am a little bummed that my costume was somehow not documented - I meant to have E take a picture of me.  She and I spent the whole afternoon sewing little rolls of "smarties" candies to the fronts of the legs of some overalls, and I wore a very large crown, and went as "Princess Smartie-pants". ha ha ha.  She has a knack and patience for sewing that amazes me, and Anika showed great restraint in not eating all the Smarties before they made it onto my pants...

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Merry said...

Wow, Dan!! You can trick or treat at my house any day in that outfit!! Wish I could see Deb's costume too!
Deb, you're doing a beautiful job with this blog.I check every day and it always excites me when I see new articles!Your new pictures are great,I can almost feel the warm sun from our day on the beach.How gorgeous that was.And Ani's generous hugs and the moments when Eliza would remember that someone other than her cousin was visiting and would run over with a hug!! Priceless! And, of course, DQ!! Ahhhh memories!
Ani, is it OK if we come again? Sure hope so!!
Love you all, Mormor