Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gallery Thursday on Tuesday

This drawing came about one morning when I was ducking into the kitchen closet to get something and WHACKED my head on the door jamb.  I was struck dumb and in alarm Eliza started to draw and in the midst of my stumbling about clutching my head she said "Mama, come here come here and look!" and when I finally made it over there, she had drawn the bottom bit - the part with the large square body flying through the air, which made me laugh pretty hard through my tears, and she sat back with a relieved smile and said "I knew it would make you laugh".  The rest of it is a mystery to me - I mean, why do I have SUCH a square body (I know, it's winter and I'm rarely without at least one large sweater...) and all of those poised young ladies (in their OWN ROOMS - another post perhaps) look so shapely and fine???

This one was scribbled off one evening when E was quite mad at me for something - I think one particular struggle finally resulted in not joining A and I for night-time reading and she was really really mad at me. I wonder if I'm the one on the right - you know, the one with the bad teeth and bushy eyebrows?
And this one is from Ani, and is totally unrelated to the one above - I don't think she's even seen it, as it is buried in one of Eliza's many notebooks. I LOVE watching the drawings progress...


Jennie said...

Debbie, the drawing at the top is HILLARIOUS!! I love it. Their drawings are amazing...I'm pretty sure I was NEVER that good at drawing. :-) Happy Solstice and Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Hi, my name is Kate and I am from Poland. I don't now if that's appropriate, but I'd like to ask you a question on the definition of "gallery thursday". I am preparing a translation where such a term is used and I sure not in a literal sense. I would be really graetful for your help. By the way, the pictures are really nice;)