Monday, December 8, 2008

winter and music

There are many things I am grateful for with Dan home, but one of the best parts is having more music in our days.  The girls and I make a good bit on our own, but Dan's presence adds more variety and skill to the mix!  The girls are also showing more interest in giving the various instruments that are now visiting the downstairs more often (rather than being sequestered in their cases in the study) a serious try, which secretly thrills us of course.  The uke, the violin, and the banjo have joined the piano in the corner, and though it is difficult to convince anika that not every instrument needs to be played while marching triumphantly around the room, it is fun to have them at the ready for when the mood strikes.

We have also been snow and cold-bound (I know, we are such light-weights, and winter has not truly begun...), which means a lot of pent-up energy.  Eliza's brilliant solution to a case of the crazies is to don one of eleven leotards (we counted today, during a hot dispute over who got to wear what) and get funky...


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