Friday, January 30, 2009

Gallery II

These styles are so different, they really belong in different posts, but I was on a roll, so here they are. This first one just took me by surprise - Eliza worked on it upstairs while listening to Afternoon of the Elves, and this is a fairy, peering through her hand. Or just contemplating her hand.  I don't know what gave her the idea for this perspective - presumably she outlined her hand, filled it in, and then the face...I was kind of amazed by how different it is.

These just tickled me with their color...and I love how she is trying to figure out the criss-cross legs.
This is a Greek god, who has turned his daughter into a mouse...

these are elves, of course

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kimmy said...

Go Eliza!
LOVE the colors and the lines in these pieces!!!!