Tuesday, February 3, 2009

February thaw

We were treated to a beautiful day of melting ice, running streams and slushy snow, so we bundled into the car with waterbottles and the requisite bag of snacks and headed to nearby Stroud's Run for a tromp with Papa! There were some memorable quotes from the day...I was cautioning Eliza about a particularly wet patch and she turned to me quite seriously and said "Mama, I am from Mother Nature".

Crossing a little iced-over stream, I admit I shrieked a little bit, watching Anika teetering on what seemed like the very edge of an arctic ice floe, ready to plunge into the depths of the freezing water...(ok, I'm that kind of mama too. which is why there are Papas to balance things out, right?)  Eliza shared her thoughts with me once we had all crossed, something to the effect of, "See, Mom, the glory of the day, the sparkling icy branches, the smell of the wind, the waving of the trees..." inspiring me to look up once more to capture all the wonders around us.

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Merry said...

I remember what a lovely spot that was in a warm October. It's even lovelier in a snowy February!