Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Hey twinkle eyes

On Tuesdays and Thursdays Eliza has a class on campus and Dan goes with her - it's kind of her big girl time with Papa. Ani and I usually take the opportunity to play together for a bit and then hit the hay early.  Tonight we were both winding down from a run-around day, a day of mischief and nagging and lost tempers (all of which does deserve a post, but I'm too bushed for it tonight), and I am still getting ready for my class tomorrow, so we found ourselves in the kitchen, me cleaning up and she doodling and narrating as she goes.  At some point she picked up an empty tin of nuts and was playing with it, and we were both struck with some creative genius, and came up with the idea of sticking a magnet on the bottom of it and putting it on the fridge.  It worked and is such a cool little container for...well, anything! Then we found another, emptied of its cocoa, and did the same. This time she called it "Charlie's mailbox" (as in our cat), and the idea expanded:  we decided these little boxes needed to hold some surprise notes for unsuspecting curious minds. She got right to work, and what follows tells the rest of the story (for now): 
Hey Twinkle eyes

the boxes, amidst the chaos of the fridge

aw nuts (Ani's current favorite phrase)

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