Sunday, February 15, 2009

Knowing the love

My babies were sick last week - flu sick, lots of, well, vomit.  And while there is little worse than watching your child be sick, I really appreciate the downtime, the long hours of reading and snuggling, the sweetness of being quiet together. Anika is a particularly lovey, cheerful sickie; at 3 a.m. she told me that all she needed to feel better was to get some of her love back. I asked her if she could feel me loving her and she waited a moment, and sighed, nodded.  As she was sitting on the potty, in-between heaves (sorry) I reminded her to spit it all out, and she said "mmhmmm, mama, it is my desire to spit it out. what does desire mean again?" and when I reminded her, she blew me kisses. Blew me kisses.  So, when it came time to get up and make a bed on the couch in the morning, it was clear that she needed the loviest shirt she has:
Mormor Loves Me

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Merry said...

Oh Ani Banani, your Mormor loves you soooooooo much! I'm so sorry you were sick and am so glad you're feeling better, taking lovely walks, eating yummy oatmeal with your sister and feeling your love again. Just wrap that shirt around you and feel my love pouring through you!