Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sad and the Better

The saddest bits:
  • how sick my sister is feeling
  • my sick sister sleeping on an air mattress instead of in her cozy bed at home
  • the chocolate cake that I just threw away because we only ate one sixth of it (really, this is not soooo sad)
The better and even really good bits:
  • having this time with Lucy (who is reading to Anika right now, while Eliza sleeps...)
  • having the girls be old enough to play board games together!
  • discovering Jay O'Callahan and his marvelous stories on tape at the library. His "Earth Songs" tape with the story of Herman and Marguerite and the dear stories of frogs on side B is just making me so so so very happy.
  • watching the girls find their stride and finally all get along...JOY.


Merry said...

Oh dear. Was it worth it? Were there magical moments that made the trip worthwhile? Let's just hope that the trip in 2 weeks will be the complete opposite of this one - that everyone will be healthy and happy and a good time will be had by all!!

Stacy (mama-om) said...

Oh, I hope your sis is feeling better soon!!!

Sweet to see the girls together. :)

poppy said...

Yes, the sick report is that she was much better yesterday, and we even went to a movie while the girls played with some friends of ours...and then we got the phone call that E had a fever and we needed to come pick them up...cursing myself for being such a Bad Mom, but we're all on the mend today, sad to say goodbye...