Monday, March 9, 2009

Sister Magic

Every once in a while, when I'm not having much success at "making" something happen, one of the girls will invoke something they call Sister Magic, and suddenly a way is presented that wasn't there before (I swear!).  It is an agreement they come to, simply by uttering those words, something that I cannot predict nor conjure up myself.  It has helped us get ready to leave the house, make difficult decisions,  find the perfect piece of clothing to complete an outfit, and arrive at hiking destinations. It is Powerful.

We had a lovely morning on Friday, enjoying the turn in weather, and I saw plenty of the Sister Magic at work...I am wishing now that I had jotted some notes about this, but there was a day in the not SO distant past, when I had some creative solution to a problem we were having, and one of the girls nodded knowingly at the other and said "Mama Magic".  The other nodded in agreement, all of it on the hush-hush, and I secretly glowed...

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Merry said...

Isn't it heavenly when they're like this? So calm, peaceful, full of love for each other - and now full of mysterious secrets! What a lovely pair of elves!!