Thursday, April 9, 2009

Flying Lessons

We just spent four glorious days with our family, visiting from Wisconsin.  Stories and photos to follow, but I had to get this down before I forgot it...

Conversation overheard out the back door, between E and her cousin Lucy (both six):
E is standing on the picnic table bench, arms outstretched, face earnest in concentration
L: (chanting) Flap, flap, gliiiiiiide.  Flap, flap, gliiiiiiide. Flap, flap, gliiiiiiiiiiiiide.
as E bends her knees to jump, this chanting increases in speed and volume, culminating in both the jump and the rousing
Don't let gravity get you down!!!

E jumps, "soars", lands hard on the dirt, grin spreading across her face. 
E: I love how you cheered for me, Lucy!

repeat, alternating flier and teacher, for four days straight.

I asked Eliza what the best part of her first day with Lucy was, and her face lit up as she answered "flying lessons".


Stacy (mama-om) said...

I just love reading your blog!!!

Merry said...

I agree, Stacy!! Deb, you have always had a wonderful way with words, and it seems your daughters are following in your footsteps. Wonder where Flying Lessons came from? I love the visuals! And I would vote 100% with Ani in her wish to move to Wisconsin!! Wouldn't it be wonderful to have those girls (and the women!) be together more often? Don't know if the papas could take it,but it sure would be nice. No pressure! Love you all.