Tuesday, May 5, 2009

It's gone.

Somewhere in the last week of sickness-houseguests-graduate school-life we lost something I knew I would miss terribly once it was gone.  I was right.  I am teary even writing about it, but that is me, and that is this week, the week leading up to Ani's fourth birthday (warning: this blog will be inundated with photos of my child. I mean more photos that usual).  

The dutch is gone.

(My sister is crumpling into a little ball right now; I haven't had the heart to tell her.)

The sweet way A. has said "just" for her whole speaking life has officially been dropped for the newer, older model. She stubbornly held onto it, despite the giggles from her sister and cousin, in spite of the coaching (from the sister and the cousin).  But something about this last week flipped the switch, without ceremony, and without regard to the mother's deep sentimentality. No more "dutch" cheese, please.  No more "I dutch love you so much" and wondering how the Dutch got it so good.

I know, I know, melodrama at its worst. But how I will miss the sound of that word.


Lisa said...

I feel for you lady! Not melodramatic at all! My hubby keeps correcting the girls' grammar, and I just ask him..."why would you want to do that?" What's wrong with "it sure is froggy (foggy) outside," and "look at the pretty mantis." I don't want this to ever change!!!!

alissa said...

i will still make her dutch pizza...
sweet little munchkin.
good updates lately. nice to see l and ro-ro! i've never met her kids! she is so blond!

Stacy (mama-om) said...

aaaawwwwww, man.

I feel ya, sister.

Merry said...

Shades of "O Tay", and "Tan Tun". The woes of growing up!

kimmy said...

I'll miss the "dutch" too but not as much as I miss you!

Mon said...

I hear ya! We already miss a made up word of our LO. Sins of growing up..... sigh