Sunday, May 3, 2009

RoRo and RoRo's Mom

We had a visit this weekend from some old and dear friends of ours (well, half of the package anyway!) - L and I lived together for years in Madison, exploring the world of contra dance, practicing our calling as amateur naturalists and generally really enjoying life together.  It makes me happy to no end to have our kids adore each other.  "RoRo", as Ani dubbed her this weekend, is a few years older than Eliza, but was generous, sweet and patient with both girls and they had a day (just a day!) that sealed their friendship...We showed them the market and the garden, L weeded like a maniac (or a well-seasoned gardener who kindly did not gasp when she saw who was really taking over the plot, but rather knelt down right away and started cheerfully pulling), and we all talked and played and talked some more.  Oh, and in the middle of making dinner and cookies on Saturday, the oven blew up, and thank goodness L was here to save the day, as I was upstairs settling a quarrel between my two (it was challenging, to say the least, to share RoRo) when it happened.  We think the bottom element exploded and melted - the stove is probably fine, but the experience was so frightening (loud electrical buzzing! popping noises! shouting! smoke! rushing small children outside!) that I've unplugged it, we ordered out and have dragged in the dreaded microwave that our neighbor left on our back porch to make our cups of tea.  No, I won't share photos of the dead oven with you, but here are some incredibly sweet ones of my girls falling in love with Rosie...

And what a breath of life for me to have my oldest and dearest come to my house for the first time in years! Thank you thank you thank you...and bring Paxer and My Boy with you next time, won't you?

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Merry said...

Oh how wonderful that little visit had to have been. You've been a guest so many times at her place, it had to feel good being the hostess - even with no oven!!! Is the landlord going to replace it I hope???