Friday, May 8, 2009

Where you'll find him

This is our wonderful cat, Charlie.  We found him outside the Richmond library a year and a half ago, the day after Dan and I had decided that we should really wait to get a cat. What did we know?  He is healthy and beautiful and I think he really appreciates the bird feeders (read "milk cartons") we've put up for him (he's an indoor cat).  I thought to take a few pictures of one of his favorite spots, here at the playroom window, where he has a good view of the feeders and the stick house and can keep an eye on the girls while they're out there.  I caught a little action, such as it is in his lazy life, as a squirrel taunted him from atop the stick house...

I know - they're photos of my cat - but isn't that plumpy chicken one of him at the end just lovely?

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Lisa said...

He's a cutie. We are kitty picture takers too.