Tuesday, July 7, 2009

In Praise of Herbs

We are unfortunately in the midst of the umpteenth cold of the year to pass through our house, and the current invalid is Eliza.  I guess it was to be expected, with the late night rehearsals and the 40 cast members, 18 of whom are children...So, we are hitting back hard with the herbal remedies!  We got a package in the mail yesterday that contained A Kid's Herb Book, by Lesley Tierra, and the timing could not have been better.  After a brief browsing, Anika and I headed to our garden to pick a bunch of lemon balm to make a tea for Eliza when she got home. This morning over more tea we read some of the herbal lore and the short stories that illustrate some of the herb's strengths and seemingly magical powers - the girls are hooked! Eliza, in her typically effusive way, said, Mama, I want nothing but HERBS. Can you chop me up some garlic now please, and tell me the best way to eat it?  She enjoyed dipping bread into a dish of olive oil and fresh garlic - I think she liked it better than she likes going to sleep with a similar concoction (minus the bread) taped to the bottom of her foot...Oh the stories she'll have to tell her own children someday...
Some garden fairies who were visiting our garden plot, with their onion flower wands

The resident Green Man, who doesn't always look quite so fierce

We finished off the day with a chamomile bath and more garlic on the bottoms of the feet.  The girls got a kick out of bathing in tea, and the smell was so nice.  Ani told me she felt like a "peaceful piggie" in her bath...perfect.

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Lisa said...

That is my FAVORITE herbal book!!!! Glad the girls are hooked on the herbs.

Lisa ;)