Sunday, July 26, 2009

Treasures of the Day

My day started earlier than I wished - about 2 hours earlier, if anyone is keeping track - but after a couple of hours of listening to the sweet chatter of a happy four-year-old I was able to take a walk, alone, down the bikepath. Such silence there is in the world. And then such noise! The birds, the crickets, the wind, the sounds of the world. This is when the treasures of the day began to pour in...
An indigo bunting flying across my path
Black raspberries peeking out from the bergamot and
joe pye weed
Hours with Ani while Dan and Eliza were at Oliver
(one more weekend to go!); hours of card games, painting,
talking, making and taking food to a friend...
Fresh Spring Rolls and Sun Gold Tomatoes

Leftover and torn rice wrappers - why not try watercolors?

...and reading - "Mama, I'm gonna read two of my books to you now" -
which thrills me probably more than it should...
Ani drew Trixie
During dinner (together!) we spotted our first hummingbird visiting our brand-new feeder! We had to call Mormor right away to tell her.
Joe Pye Weed

I know I always go back to food, but we had so much
local goodness today: the sungolds, the eggs, milk,
spinach, basil, the peaches...
And then there were these jewels: the droplets of evening dew perfectly poised along the edges of the jewelweed at the lake. Have you ever seen anything quite so elegant? (I wish my camera could do it justice! It took me forever to get it to focus this well - so frustrating! I might have to keep trying and torture you all with post after post of these droplets...)


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Annie said...

All right! Now I know what I'm making for supper! Salad Rolls!

Lisa said...

Those spring rolls look fantastic! I've never made them before, must try it soon.

The jewelweed is beautiful. I was thrilled to just find a patch of jewelweed mixed in between our blackberries and posion ivy. Good thing b/c there is a lot of posion ivy mingling with the blackberries!

Those three little blondies are the cutest! Oh, how I wish my sisters had kids.......

lisa ;)

Leanne said...

Perfect treasures...I adore the *little* things!
Mmm and those spring rolls sure look good!