Thursday, July 30, 2009

Two in a Canoe

After a frustrating morning of trying to mend the relationship between my computer (Mac) and Snapfish, in a rush to upload photos of the year for an end-of-year homeschool portfolio (more on that later), I had to take a break for a date with my husband. Darn. It looked something like this:
Dreamy, isn't it? We'd never gone out on the lake in a canoe before - it's not a grand lake, but we were alone, save for one fisherman, some turtles, large jumping fish, and a magical swan that we thought was a boat from a distance, it was so big.
We stopped to picnic at a little point under a tree (cheddar, spinach, mustard, homemade pickle sandwiches), and while Dan fished, I wandered a bit, finding black raspberries, a beautiful spider (which I couldn't get my camera to focus on) intent on wrapping up his own lunch, and these sweet little mushrooms keeping company with the lichen.

The only thing that could make the day better? Yes, a box turtle. He was running across the road as we headed home, and Dan screeched to a stop so I could jump out. It is amazing at how tightly he (she?) could close up.
It finally feels like summer around here, with time to spend together, time to play games, have meandering conversations...I'm planning on a few more of these dates before summer is through.


alissa said...

hurrah! time alone with your husband! fabulous and rare...

gardenmama said...

It looks and sounds like a pretty perfect date to me! : )
I love the mushrooms, so cute! We have been so fascinated with them lately!

Lisa said...

What a wonderful and beautiful date. I wish my hubby and I would do things like that together.

Lisa :)

Stacy (mama-om) said...

yay for dates!!