Saturday, September 12, 2009

Onion Goggles

You've wondered what to do with that pair of safety goggles that sit in the junk drawer, waiting for that project you've been wanting to do but can't seem to find all the parts for? Well, wait no longer - put those babies to good use the next time you're cooking with onions!! These goggles are Ani's and as she desperately wanted to cook the veggie soup with me tonight but was shedding huge tears from the onions, she dug them out and voila! they did the trick.
(I had to post both pictures - this girl has a dry side, I tell you - dead-pan and fu-unny)
The soup turned out to be delicious, and included most colors of the rainbow, which she has been learning is a good thing when you're trying to eat in a healthy way! Actually we were missing purple, but we are rarely without red cabbage which fit the purple bill quite nicely.

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Annie said...

Hilarious! I could have used those when making salsa today!