Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The day. We began with a serious dance party with Ozomatli. These girls have some moves.
There were some games (they are finishing up Wildcraft with Papa right now...right guys? Finishing up? Ani is giving me the play-by-play throughout the entire game, running back and forth to fill me in on who has nosebleeds or got into the nettles and who's helping whom)...and then we changed out of pj's to go to the library.
Home again for some lunch and quiet time (I am definitely fighting off a cold. I need my quiet time. Ani and I listened to a few chapters of Little House on the Prairie while Eliza listened to Spiderwick Chronicles.) Up for some yoga (notice that we are back in our pajamas. Well, they are).
And more listening (Jay O'Callahan), cooking, Papa home yet? Not quite yet...Frittatta and, um, local super good bacon for dinner once he walks in the door...Dark evening, winding down the day...

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Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

tell me about those pencil boxes... i love them and feel certain that they will solve my continual inability to keep our colored pencils stored in any sense of order whatsoever! :)