Tuesday, November 17, 2009

November 17

Today. We are hanging in there today. Today was about...
scrambled eggs made by Eliza
adding the hundreds
reading - first excited, then reluctant, then why do we have to read alllll the time?
ahem...all the time? well, I suppose that when you practice something like reading, it becomes easier and easier and then, I don't know, you might find yourself squirreled up in your room reading Harry Potter all on your own or something...minutes later, from the computer - hey, mom! You don't even have to read this game to me, I'm reading it myself! I believe the quote was, "reading IS helpful!"
discussion of exoskeletons over lunch turned into exploring vertebrae over lunch which led to feeling our backbones, digging up our sheeps' vertebrae and getting out Nestor Jolly for a little adjustment...
there was painting and intense looks of concentration, and Go Fish and quarrelling and making up and friends dropping in and a walk in the 'hood and roughhousing with Mama?! and quesadillas with black beans and spinach ("my FRAvorite!") and Old School Sesame Street and calling Papa to say good-night-we-love-you-did-you-remember-to-eat-dinner? and stories and...finally...there was bed.

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poppy said...

oh, i love you, my family