Saturday, December 26, 2009

the day of the eve

After days of not feeling well, we determined to get outside during these days of was a great idea, though the noses were running and bodies were tired when we returned. The change of scenery, the fresh air and freedom has always worked wonders for us, since Eliza was a baby in a sling. The relationship between the girls transforms, inevitably improves.

For the second year in a row - a tradition? - we took ourselves out for Chinese food, which feels so fancy to the girls, sitting *alone* in restaurant, eating a smorgasbord of interesting new foods. Then the drive around the town, looking for festive lights, and coming home to read in the light of the tree and get some squirrely girls to bed...

(ps - My husband, kids, and in-laws got me a new camera for Christmas... Dan rightly predicted I would be lost in the manual once I opened it, and saved it for last. I am still figuring it out, specifically trying to make the photos small enough to load into Blogger - any ideas? I am a newbie at having a "fancy" camera. I LOVE it! When I figure it out, I'll try to post some photos of Christmas day, if only to share the girls in their "spy outfits".)

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River Sanctuary: Marykaye said...

You might try Picassa (another Google product, also free and an excellent photo editor). You can post pics directly from Picassa to your blog. Good luck and enjoy your lovely new camera! :)