Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Family photo ornaments

Most of our gifts have been given and received by now, so I am feeling more free to share in this space some of what we have made this year. The idea behind these ornaments is simple, and it has brought family stories to the center of our celebration. I made a set of these for my sister's tree - my mom's family all gather around her tree, festooned with real lit candles for Christmas eve, so I knew many of the people in the photos would be there to see them - and a slightly different set for my dad, as I have become keeper of many of the old family photos; and of course there are many of these hanging on our tree.
My uncle as a baby, my Grandma Jane, and my dad

My dad wearing the Santa beard, seated between his Grandma Travis and Aunt Millie

My sister and I, confronting a scary looking Santa. This photo is ridiculous and frightening to me - my girls glossed right over the Santa part (neither has ever "visited" Santa) and zeroed right in on the outfits, of course.
My sister thinks we should submit this photo to Sketchy Santas...


Annie said...

These are so great!

Kerry said...

I think you look very brave! And more than a little skeptical.