Monday, December 21, 2009


These two bearers-of-the-sun were waiting for the girls when we got home last night from our lantern walk...yes, the photo is fuzzy, but then again, so are they...made from a second-hand angora sweater and a wool sweater from Goodwill. Definitely inspired by The Yeti Club and these.


alissa said...

love. them.

Heather said...

Hi there! We got your Christmas pic today--my how they have grown. So lovely! I'd love to send you our e-card, but need an e-mail address, so send me one :) My address is:

Wendy and her husband Charlie come to visit in Feb--so excited to see her! (and we like him quite a bit too!) Hello to all including Alissa!


Stephanie said...

Yup, they look like Bumbles!

Lisa said...

LOVE them!!!!!!! I bet the girls love them too!