Monday, January 4, 2010

January 4: snow, a walk, and Elfin John

Oy, lots of photos in this one - still getting used to the camera! First day of the winter quarter, new routine. Dan has Monday mornings to spend with us, which is a new way to approach the week. He will be leading the Homeschool Choir that I've been co-teaching for the past year (WHEW!), beginning next week, so we are planning to use Monday mornings to hike together, come home for lunch, and then walk up to choir before he disappears for the rest of the day and into the wee hours of the night. This morning was a walk to the bike path, where we had some new snow.

Hmmm, this is looking a bit like a photo montage of beautiful knitting patterns - these hats are from my mom (Mormor), and they are cherished. Our turn-around spot for the bike path is usually where the train tracks cross the path. There, in some homage to the railroad, stand two dilapidated and rusting old train cars, which offer endless fascination for us all. Today I was interested in the organic life that is taking over the decaying metal.

Dan peered through a rusted hole to find this frame from a bee hive. Another hole revealed several hives - we're wondering who put them there, and if they are active hives? They're situated right next to a meadow and an enormous garden, just perfect for some happy bees.
A nest?
It got cold pretty fast, so after an hour we were ready to head home for some apple cider and popovers. Some organizing of sewing supplies, the beginning of another story, about a flower, entitled The Beauty Uv Her, listening to a story on tape for a couple hours, through lunch and the making of dinner for our food swap.

The girls love to peel, and Anika worked on this one sweet potato for 40 minutes. Persistent, ain't she? (note to self: begin a little earlier next time) "Yams", Kale and Tofu over Udon Noodles with Spicy Peanut Sauce. When it was done, we walked it over in the snow to drop it off and came home to our own dinner, followed by an episode of the Muppet Show. Oh, yeah. I remember when I was in sixth grade, getting home from dance class on Mondays just in time to watch it at 6:30. This one featured Elton John, who, in our house, has been known as "Elfin" John since Eliza was little(-er). It suits him, don't you think? One day we had walked to the grocery around the corner (Rainbow, for you Seattlites) and there was a woman at the checkout with her groceries, wearing incredibly funky specs. Eliza stopped still, holding her breath. "Mama" she whispered. "I think that's Elfin John." I hide my smile and say, "Hm, it sure looks like Elfin, but I think he lives in England." "No, Mama," she persisted, "I am sure that is Elfin John. I have to go say hi." Mind you, she is maybe three. Shy she has never been. "Will you come with me?" Sigh. Yes, sometimes my job is to swallow my own social insecurities in order to assist my child in approaching the hip of this world. I walk over with her and help her get her attention. "Um, are you Elfin John?" The woman grins and looks at me. I grin back. "Well, no, no I'm not Elfin John, but wow, he sure is something, isn't he? I sure wouldn't mind being Elfin John." Whew. A generous soul with a sense of humour. "Oh. Well. You know, you sure look just like him!" I'm sure the woman was deeply flattered. Wouldn't you be?

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