Thursday, January 14, 2010

Visiting Days

My Dad and Gramma Liz are here to help us enjoy the last days of snow (ha!)...

sled tracks
mystery tracks
kid tracks
train tracks

Games, cards, movies, food, conversation (my dad and I stayed up till midnight last night, dragging out names from the distant past - what was the name of the principal at our school in Moscow? Did I use to ride with a little Iranian boy and his driver to school once in a while? - it's so nice to put more form to those memories, and he is very indulgent with my vague bits and pieces.) The weather is warming up, the icicles are melting, the skies are bright. Everyone leaves tomorrow - our guests towards more family south of here, Dan to rehearse Starball with an old buddy before they perform in February...a weekend alone with the girls, sudden stillness (what? what stillness??). We'll see what the days hold. I'm looking forward to a little rhythm and routine to unfold - we've been in "flexible" mode since Thanksgiving and I think we could all use a little more of the predictable, whatever that looks like!

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