Friday, March 12, 2010

Bread, Butter and Out

Yesterday Ani and I set out to make a couple loaves of bread. She was into it every step of the way. Funny, because it's E who is always wanting to do this sort of thing, but when I make a plan and offer it, she almost never takes me up on it. A is almost always game.

While it was rising we decided to try our hand(s) at making butter! I've read a few tutorials on how to do this, but followed this one on Clean. (I'm new to this blog, but have enjoyed Rachel's beautiful soaps and sugar scrubs for a couple of years - they seriously brighten my day when I splurge for them - check them out!)
Making butter takes faith. This is because it took us 25 minutes to make. "Butter" didn't happen until the last 4 minutes of that 25, and I just about said "sorry girls, no butter" when after 20 minutes of Ozomatli and some serious booty shaking we only had whipped cream.

Then suddenly the sound changed - we all noticed it - and we opened the jar to find - butter! We couldn't believe it!

Trying the "buttermilk"
After our snack of homemade bread and butter, we took a walk to a playground that is down past the community gardens - far enough to get there without carrying anyone but to still get in a good walk. Signs of spring were everywhere...


J & Reba said...

You DO have to be very brave to make butter when you are doing the shaking method. Did you put a marble or two in the jar? When I saw the first picture of Ani...I thought...that girl needs an apron! But I see she found a solution to that...just take the shirt OFF! LOL love those girls. and you guys. love reading the blog. <3

Anonymous said...

We've been meaning to make butter lately too. Will have to post about our experience. You are so right about the "faith" aspect. I'm glad it worked out for you...oh and Ani shaking her priceless. xo