Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cutting & Camouflage

We've had a few days recently where Ani has been, shall we say, experimenting with scissors. Again. ('Cause don't you go through this at 2? And then maybe at 3? Well, we're doin' it again at 4-and-three-quarters...) Clothing. Hair. Today - the crocuses in our yard. Sigh. I suggested that maybe we spend some time cutting magazines together, so we got out the pile of wildlife ones I got on Freecycle last year and went to work.
Inspired by this post on Se7en ("camouflage camping"), and nudged further by this creativity in our nephew, Ani and I decided to make a camouflage scavenger hunt for Eliza (who was in her room, drawing and listening to Harry Potter, book 2). It was great! Ani loved being the one in on the secret, and it wasn't as easy as I thought it might be for Eliza, which was nice. In the end we had to give her some "hot" and "cold" clues.

great blue heron
hee hee hee!
It was the highlight of the day. That and this one survivor, who made it inside, intact.


se7en said...

Hay Plot 55!!! So glad you liked our game - we also use hot and cold - because really camouflage works!!! We did another camouflage project a while ago with lots of cutting and snipping that you may enjoy as well:

Have a fabulous week!!!

Stephanie said...

Ani's grins always make me laugh!!
She must be the exact same age as Maddie - though I don't think of Madd as almost five!!! :)
That totally surprised me - for some reason I was thinking she was much older.
An' she still has hair, I see.
Trade you!

slim pickins said...

I know - the almost 5 thing is killing me (her bday is in May). the hair happened later in the day (if you can believe that!) - one side, chop chop. we're living with it. DRAMATIC SIGH.