Monday, March 8, 2010


The morning looked a whole lot like this:
and this:

and the rest of the day? Like this:
Pretty nearly perfect. We did a lot of reading - all about the Iceman of the Alps (in Ask magazine, Jan issue), mammoths (Mammoths on the Move - we love this book!) and redwood trees (Redwoods by Jason Chin), which led us to looking at our photos from almost three years ago, among the Armstrong redwoods in California...

(I know - can you believe it??)

...and to cap off the exploration of "old stuff", there was the DK Early Humans. The shoes came off, of course. And the shirts. Yes, it was that warm!! We broke up the day with picnic lunch and the making of muffins and, with no dad around for dinner tonight, we ate eggs, which left more time for Out...I think there was a lot of chalk drawing and converting the picnic table into a ship, with a dishtowel sail. And now? The bath. Tea. Stories (Prince Caspian audio book). and Bed. If the weather has anything to do with it, tomorrow will be even better...


Anonymous said...

Looks like you guys had a great day. It was fantastic here today too. We spent the whole morning outside and then headed to the park...and Oops...didn't get home until 2pm. And were we hungry. Luckily we had got a snack at the cafe. Thank goodness for spring.

Merry said...

Oh my goodness! Is this what I have to look forward to? Yesterday and today the fog has been sooooo thick on my way to work - guess it's the warm air melting the snow, huh? Less and less of the white stuff, but the ground is much too muddy to be walking on it much less lying out on it!! Some day, though. Your pictures give me hope! I remember that wonderful day in the Armstrong forest. Amazing!!! And haven't those two peanuts grown up?!!! Love them to bits!!

Stephanie said...

Your snow is gone! Hot damn!
And long-sleeved shirts! woohoo!
We're back in the gray and cold for a few days... yesterday we had a flash of sun, but it was too cold to enjoy it!
Glad you're getting a reprieve!

5orangepotatoes said...

Oh my gosh, we still actually have a couple patches of snow even though it was nice and warm today. Love these kind of warm days in March! I hope to see those giant redwoods someday myself.