Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Wool for the Birds

After a morning of Quiddler and breakfast with Ani - always terribly entertaining - I told the girls that I wanted to do something with them to celebrate spring and the approaching equinox.  I am traveling west tomorrow and will be gone over the weekend and so will miss the actual day, and it is one that gets us all pretty giddy. From the mud to the newness in the air, what is there not to love about spring?

We headed out to the backyard where we sat with our backs warmed by the sun and read a few books about seeds and nests...and then we got to work.  I loved this idea from the beautiful Magic Onions.  We decided to refill our bird feeders and fill the stick house and neighboring trees with tufts of colorful wool roving for the birds to scavenge for their nests.  I could tell the girls felt like the very Root Children (we've been reading this version), making the spring more beautiful for little creatures.
Happy Equinox, friends (feathered and otherwise), a wee bit early - I hope you find a smell, a spike of green, a little something that gives you hope at this turning of the seasons...

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Annie said...

I love how the trees look with all the colour! What a neat idea.