Wednesday, April 7, 2010

what we're thinking about

NEW SHOES!!!! Nothin' says spring like new shoes! (ok, ok, I suppose daffodils, rain showers and cherry blossoms would be right up there, but we were very very very excited about new shoes)
Gravity. What if it pulled you up instead of down???? We spent a long time pondering the weirdness of our lives with reverse gravity.
Blue whales.  Do you know they can grow to 108 feet long? "This is FANTASTIC!" Ani cried, leaping out of bed. "I have to tell Dad!"  We marked the length on our sidewalk with our trusty chalk, and ran from head to toe over and over, marveling at how long it was...
Bodies.  We began our body maps today - something I flung out for them that stuck for one day at least.  I thought our hands-on building of a spine might rock, but really? The construction of uncooked rigatoni noodles and gummy discs looks more like someone with a whole lot of trouble with their vertebrae...something on the order of majorly slipped discs, for starters.  Plus our kitchen smells like fake peach candy (I got the grossest kind of gummy I could find, hoping no one would want to eat them.  Nothing, not even fake peach, can deter Anika.)  We spent a long time talking about what we'd like to put on our body maps and looking through a beautiful fold-out atlas of the human body.
 Eliza says he looks French.

Greek myths.  Apparently listening to Theseus and the Minotaur wasn't enough. This is what was taking place while I was fixing supper:  
 Ani winding her way through the maze with a large skein of yarn.
:: :: :: ::
We ended our day with Dan. Need I say more?


Kerry said...

He does look French. And it's scary that E recognizes that.

Anonymous said...

LOVE those Converse.

Merry said...

Looks like Dan got some new shoes too!Pretty nifty, those high-tops!
My word verification is "buthouse"!Is it miss-spelled? Does it belong on your body map?

Stephanie said...

Sounds like a spectacular day to me.
I'll even take the fake peach smell.

Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

I love these posts of yours!

BTW, do you have any book about greek myths you can stomach? We have the Greek Myths book by D'Aulaire and I have to say that I really dislike reading almost every story in it. There is no real narrative finesse and the stories come across as recounting one bloody event after the next. Orlando doesn't seem to mind, but I can't stand it! I would love to hear your recommendations!

slim pickins said...

Stacy - we have read a variety of storybook versions of greek myths, but we are currently enjoying Jim Weiss' audio CDs (Greathall Productions) from the library. Once in a while his voice kind of gets to me, but I think he has a nice narrative. the girls really like the stories. (Greek Myths and Heroes in Mythology)