Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the fullness of our week

Market bread - "Pscho-lantro": cilantro, blueberries, bacon!, pecans, red pepper flakes
We are so lucky right now to have a beloved guest in our midst.  My cousin Jessica, fairy god-belayer to the girls (she was into rock climbing when Eliza was born, and when we asked if she'd be a special guardian to our babe, we all thought "belayer", the one supporting and holding the rope for the climber, would be a good metaphor for the guidance and support of a child, and it stuck), and dear friend of ours, is visiting for a few weeks.  Our days are much enhanced by her presence.  
:: :: :: ::
We've had strange weather this past week - very windy, and lots of rain and flooding.  We've run outside whenever possible, taking advantage of pockets of sun.  The girls set up a "nail salon" on Saturday, offering the few passersby a custom nail painting for four dollars.
They got one sucker, I mean, customer.  Me.
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Sunday we headed to Fox Lake, with the promise of sun, if not warmth, and it was green, soooo green...
Jessica, enduring lots and lots and lots of love
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During the rain, we have been enjoying some of Ani's birthday gifts, and spending time drinking tea and eating with friends...the days are good, good, good.
Marble run (and new clothes!!)
 Secret Door - the girls don't look thrilled, but they played this game four times today, and loved it.


Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

I love the shadow shot... and the robin pic in your header is pretty awesome too!

Stephanie said...

I loved that shadow one, too. :)
And the last one.
That's what happens (babes not smiling) when you don't stop them and say "look up and say cheese!!!" :)

Merry said...

My favorite is also the shadow one!! No, wait! My favorite is the nail paint... No, wait! My favor....oh heck! I like them all!! Kisses all around.