Sunday, May 23, 2010

May 22

This week has been filled with the ordinary - books read (starting "HP" or Harry Potter, again), books listened to, yoga done, together and alone, squabbles refereed, giggles overheard...
All of it ordinary. And extraordinary, the sharing of it with each other.
Listening to a collection of Roald Dahl stories on our road trip, we loved James and the Giant Peach and were so excited to see this millipede on our walk, imagining had one of the magical green wiggly things found its way to its path...
There has been as much Outside as the weather would allow, and some fine cooking when feeling housebound.   Jessica loves to cook and heard my longing for Indian food as an invitation to concoct.  We made paneer cheese for the first time - it was great! And not hard at all!! How lovely to have her company in the kitchen.
Picnics outside (yes, curbside, cause that's where we live.  Curbside, with tablecloth. Lemonade and tomato sandwiches), farmer's market, potlucks...we are doing all right.  Oh, and tonight? Tonight there were fireflies...More than all right.

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Kerry said...

Somehow a table cloth makes all the difference.

I would like that recipe for paneer cheese, please. Fun!