Thursday, July 15, 2010

the day

Today there was spontaneous figuring.  Anika hefting a bowl of water to the table - "I'm gonna see what floats here" - all right...that is always good for some fun.  Water, wondering...
Nuts? Float. All of them? Yup. Even acorns? Yup. Sheep vertebrae? Doesn't float.  Rocks? Driftwood?
Then Papa came home and after we let him take a very small nap, he agreed to wrestling...
and we tried to help him with his opening night cards for the cast.
Tonight Eliza got to go with Papa to the show (Into the Woods).  It will be a late night, and we thought the dark side of the tales should better be seen during the afternoon, while there is still light after to reckon with all the gritty bits, should they need reckoning with.  We'll all go together on Sunday for the matinee.
Don't they look great? Ani was a good sport about being home alone with me, and came up with a "deal" for me - how about we go to the bike path, with a water bottle and a snack, and her bike, so I can get a walk???? What a fabulous idea.
I spend all day with my kids. Everyday. And especially during weeks like this last one, I am pretty much alone with them except when Dan can come home to refuel.  Of course I go through feeling burned out and desperate for a moment alone from time to time, but I still find that evenings like this, one on one with my littlest daughter, make me really really happy.
(Chasing a posse of 9 training bicyclists)
My kids are 8 and 5, and I still marvel that they are walking around with their own bodies and the myriad possibilities that opens them up to...they are whole people, experiencing their lives, right here before me! 
 So, so happy to be here for that.

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Kerry said...

That was a good day indeed. Look at little Ani chasing along on her training wheels ahead of you! It doesn't get any better.

Into the Woods is a wonderful play; I bet Dan enjoyed directing it. Such a large cast, though, that I imagine it is an unwieldy thing to produce.