Friday, August 13, 2010

Bookworm Gardens

Little House on the Prairie
We met up with a beloved cousin and auntie today and spent the morning at a wonderful garden-in-progress called Bookworm Gardens.  As we wandered meandering, beautifully-landscaped paths,  we came across pockets of the garden based on numerous well-loved children's books.  There were so many things to explore...
Winnie the Pooh
 My sister as Goldilocks in the big chair
It was a beautiful place to wander and the tie-ins to some of our favorite books was enchanting.
Peter Rabbit
 A fairy-filled part of the woods, where one is encouraged to make fairy houses, like Tracy Kane's Fairy Houses.
We are already looking forward to visiting these free, public gardens on our next trip to Sheboygan!

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