Sunday, September 26, 2010

first bit of fall

The girls and I caught colds this week, but it didn't slow us down too much...we finished the autumn nature table...
and when we were done with that, we made a plan for the equinox.  It was 90 degrees. Hm. That didn't feel very fall-like.  The girls decided they needed to go swimming, so...
I sat in some shade, not feeling particularly well, and feeling a bit let down by the hot day. I mean, come on, I had squash to bake! I wanted some crispness in the air! I sat and breathed. The element of Autumn is water.  Hm...Well, that was fitting. Water...flowing, dreamy, full of that what's going on????  It's been a doozy so far.
:: :: :: ::
We had our second week of "farm school" this week.  Since the farm is just down the bike path a mile and a little more, we decided to walk.
We carried clean tablecloths, napkins, 2 loaves of spiced apple bread and 24 muffins with us on the way there...luckily I had some help!  On the way home it was 2 gallons of fresh milk (all mine to carry).
Ani and the sycamore leaf
 The girls got busy helping wash some thrifted goods for the kitchen.  They could do this all day, but there were animals to tend to and walks to take.
Crackers to make, gardens to tend to, forts to build...

The day was a little off, and it will take a while to reflect on what wasn't working and what we needed more of (harvesting! walking! say my girls).  It is definitely a work-in-progress, but being there feels really good.
:: :: :: ::

Lastly, it was my birthday yesterday - the girls will happily tell you that I am 41.  It was an odd day, only because it was totally normal, in that there was a lot of squabbling (why did I think that might be suspended in honor of moi?), sore throats and snot, and work to be done.  The very best part (along with some beautiful gifts that I received, which deserve their own post, once I have some decent photos to share - the light and my eye are not agreeing this morning, so it will have to wait), was having a date with Dan, to eat dinner out (with bellydancing! Wow!), and to see this crazy lady:
(the photo is from her website - it copies sort of funny. you should just go look at her website, I guess!)
What, she doesn't look all that crazy to you? And you think this photo might be 20 years old? I think it is - this is Michelle Shocked, who I had the privilege to see in Boston about 16 years ago.  She is on a 5 year crusade around the country, talking politics and religions - those taboo subjects - and singing like no one else...this photo might give you a better idea of what last night was like:
Nah - that doesn't begin to  tell you - I think you had to be there. And you can be - go "friend" her on FB if you truck with that sort of thing, and see where you might be able to catch her intense, off-beat, one-of-a-kind show.  It was absolutely worth it.  Thank you Dan...


Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

Happy Birthday, Debbie!!!

Kerry said...

Happy happy belated birthday! I hope your cold is better today.

How nice that you actually had a night on the town; that must have felt grrreat.

merry said...

Your "bread bowl" looks lovely on the nature table!Can't wait to see pics of the presents!