Saturday, October 23, 2010


 Our week started with a lot of hula hooping; we made our own with friends at the park after choir Monday, and every morning since they've asked to go across the street to where the sun is to hula. It so happens that we live across from an elementary school, and I think it's kind of funny to watch them holler and hula down the hill from the kids in the little playground. We are so conspicuous where we live, that I have given up feeling self-conscious about what my kids are doing while hundreds of other kids are across the street spending their entire day inside. (for the record: I timed the recess the other day.  7 minutes.  I am hoping it was a "bonus" for good behavior, and not their regularly scheduled outside time.)
 Eliza's getting pretty good hooping around her neck, though it looks so uncomfortable to me!  She also spent time sitting on the hill drawing our house.  I wish we had purple windows and orange shades!
 We had a wacky day on Wednesday - Dan was home from school with a horrible cough and a thrown-out back, the girls and I had forty errands to run and another child to watch and then gymnastics and, and, and - but somehow we managed to turn an errand to the farm into a letterboxing excursion...that's the way to do it!
 the Wire Buffalo (which we've always called an armadillo)
 As I said, we were at the farm, and the statue that inspired the handmade stamp for this letterboxing site sits in the middle of the pasture.  Since we were there and since I hadn't seen them in so long, the girls tiptoed me across an empty cow pasture (warning me of the cow pies. Cow pies are HUGE, in case you didn't remember. HUGE.) to greet the pigs.
 Come on, now, making time for pigs makes a wonky day so much better...


Dan said...

That phrase - "thrown-out back" - is just so, so... undignified. I coughed so hard and so much that I hurt the muscles between my ribs. I have been to a doctor, and I'm working out my kinks. I'm up and about and feeling better. But, nothing like a bad moment with a usually normally-functioning, taken-for-granted body part to make you feel... you know. I blame graduate school. Completely. My comprehensives were last week. And I passed. But the irony of the flat-on-his-back PhD student as a background on the life of a homeschooling family in which a nice post is offered on the irony of hula-hooping in front of the school where the kids are enjoying their seven minutes of outside time - do you see the complicated nature of working toward a PhD and homeschooling your kids at the same time? Sometimes it just makes me sick.

Stephanie said...

lol to Dan, first of all.

and next - pigs are always important!

third - love the playing outside the gates hollerin' and hoopin'. I'd feel a little funny at first, too, but ah well.
' Probably best that we're not across from a church or school.

last - I actually looked up the schedule at my children's would-be school a couple of weeks ago, just out of curiosity. I was actually looking for a "social studies from 9:15 - 10:05, or something, and a Recess: 10:35 to 10:55 sort of thing....
I found that regular recesses are twelve and thirteen minutes long, and lunch break is 35 minutes long.
Sure doesn't seem like much, considering the rest of their (at home) day isn't much better!

Oh! and lovelovelove the house. :)

merry said...

Beautiful sweater, Ani :)! The wands are beautiful too, and Eliza, those graham crackers look yummy! I didn't know you could make them!Thought they only came in a box!I love your farm school reports and pictures. How lucky to have that wonderful experience so close to home!Hope you're loving it as much as I am!