Wednesday, November 17, 2010

good night, garden

This past Sunday we took a walk in a light rain to throw more leaves on our garden plot.  We planted garlic a few weeks ago, and there is the lemon balm and yarrow remaining, and of course...the comfrey. I read somewhere that one comfrey plant, left to turn black in the winter, will house 600-some spiders...I am down with that.  We have been soaking up the time with Dan; he left today for an almost 3-week trip to Seattle.  He and I took a non-violent communication (NVC) workshop on the weekend, and he spent a good deal of time with us this past week, that kind of time that "feels like a Sunday", as we used to say in our life before kids.  It felt so good to be in synch, to feel supported and loved by him before we spend this time apart. 

It is always a little melancholy to put the garden to bed (always, ha - this is our second year...), but winter will mean being together again at the other end of this trip, and time to enjoy each other before the next quarter begins.  And Ani keeps reminding me that even though we can't see it underground, the garlic is a-growin'...


Kerry said...

I need to do the same with our garden. But right now it is pouring cats and dogs so I am letting myself off the hook.
I love that snail!

Debbie said...

Lovely. I wish someone would do an NVC workshop where I life. I need more guidance and practice (outside of my life raising a little one.) I need help with the language. It's all so much in the heat of the moment. :) xo