Sunday, November 28, 2010

Central Salad

We're home from our lovely trip to Ithaca! And I'm sick...The girls are finally feeling better from the cold they've had for weeks, and so the roles have been reversed today - they are taking care of me.
 They got to work in the kitchen, making a healthy salad for me.  Overheard, from Ani, "I love doing this. I mean, I really love cooking."  They do love it, and it made it even better that they were doing it for someone else.
 It was awesome.
Even they loved it.  I think I've discovered the secret to getting them to eat more fresh salad - have them make it!  They are thinking of opening a cafe in our livingroom - Central Salad, as we live on Central Avenue...

That's all for today...they've just started "The Wizard of Oz" and I need to sneak in a nap while I can.  I have some nice Thanksgiving pictures to share in the next day or two...I hope you all had a warm and cozy one yourselves!

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Anonymous said...

Central Salad...I'd eat there. xo