Wednesday, January 12, 2011


The day began In...with breakfast and a STRONG desire to get out the felt and make a crown (this was Eliza...). We had time for that, so that's what we did...
Sister has to be nearby nearly all the time, so after wandering around and around the "sewing blanket" and fussing around with a hammer (!!), we pulled out the old geo-boards and she gave them a good fixing up. 
Before too long it was time to get Mama to a Farm School spring planning meeting.  Our morning was rather grumbly, on all our parts, so I suggested we walk.  They were game, so off we went in the snow, which has been coming down for three days now.
Getting outside helps us all so much. By the time we reached the top of the hill we were singing our songs from choir and treating each other with much more kindness...

Finally, after much playing and meeting and sharing of food and reconnecting, it was time to go home.
To make our own supper (cauliflower potato soup, grilled cheese, and salad), and to finish a crown.
It's reversible, dontcha know.
Cute enough to sell kimchi, that's what we think! What a ham that girl is. Maybe I'll get better photos of the crown in some natural light tomorrow - the reds are throwing off the color.  She is VERY proud, and well she should be - this kid loves to sew, and she's good at it!

The day ended as many of ours have this winter, gathered around the living room, listening to Dan read our current chapter book (the second Patricia Wrede book, Searching for Dragons), Ani falling asleep on the couch, feeling vaguely feverish, poor kiddo. And now? I have two creatures fast asleep next to me on the couch - one is snoring and the other is purring - and I'm waiting until midnight to check on my yogurt and get to bed!!

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Stephanie said...

i love her crown!
and I would love it in daylight.

it's so funny how we can be grumpy and sluggish, then a walk or a venture (even though we're not very excited about it) can totally revive and refresh us. a change of scenery and then a different perspective, just like that!! love that.