Monday, January 31, 2011

Where do YOU keep your snowmen?

Apparently we keep ours in the fridge...of course.

Winter is just making us weird...this is how my girls spent their morning.  It was a balmy 36 degrees.
Yep. They drank their soup and watched the church traffic go by. I mean, what would you do on such a day?


Stephanie said...

Both. :)

Of course snowmen go in the fridge. Particularly at the very end of January.

Anonymous said...

We haven't even been able to build a snowman this year because our snow has been so dry. I think this afternoon I'm bring some in and adding water and we'll make a snowman at the table. :)

As for those temps you are Today it is -16C (3F) but feels like -25C (-13F) We are just about to head out tobogganing. Lots of bundling up and we are bring tea in a thermos. I love bright, cold, sunny days - but 36F sounds might fine right about now.:) Oh...and we have another foot of snow on the way. *sigh*