Monday, February 21, 2011


All of our plush stuffed toys are still in bags in the basement, waiting out the suggested time period (two weeks or four weeks depending on what you read...I haven't decided which guidelines we are following for that yet...).  This hasn't been too awful for the girls, though Ani did have one freak-out the other day about her baby doll. I offered to get her out and stick her in the freezer between last summer's blueberries and some lamb from a friend - you can freeze lice -  but she for some reason declined. I think she just needed to let off some of the stress of the last week in her own way.   The harder plaything to do without is the bin of dress-up clothes. But I digress...

Having all of those toys in bags means fewer ready-made toys to play with, and that means more creativity around here!  This is what we got up to this morning.
Caterpillar stalks the unaware Chihuahua
Caterpillar runs into Earthworm, who couldn't see where he was going
 Ani and I made many of these last February, but they were discovered again this morning poking out of a jar, and then ensued some more making...

Chopsticks, tape, some cardboard from the recycling bin, brads, markers, scissors, imagination...voila. Puppets!


Reba said...

So fun! This reminds of how one of our boys saw "paper fasteners" (brads) at the store and thought they were so amazing that he saved his money up to buy some. He keeps them in his treasure box and uses them only for special purposes. Ha!
Been thinking about you these past few days and am glad to hear that you are almost through the *L* dilemna. (You ARE almost through it, right?)

Stephanie said...

Those puppets are darling!

We have a few shadow puppets on sticks, but I forgot yesterday that Madd asked to make some more. I'll have to get out the brads! Maybe a ballerina - she's loving ballet at the moment. :)