Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sun Day

February 12: heard mourning doves while waking up
February 16: a bee!
February 17: redwing blackbird calling during our hike

Oh yes, the signs are all there. To cap it all off, the sun was out in full force today.
Something's coming up in the garden!
 We had to get out for a picnic hike...
Hiking to the beech tree
puddles and mud and wet wet grasses
playing in the creek
 I mean, come on now, what season would you think it was, if you didn't know it was still winter?
leftover sushi makes for a good picnic
 After scrambling and climbing and exploring, there was story-telling. They like me to narrate as they act out, in a symbiotic telling of a story where I take from their actions, and they get cues from me...It goes on and on and on...
Add in some chalk drawing, sewing, yoga and poetry with tea for me, and it was a nearly perfect day.


alissa said...

hurrah! we could use some of that spring over here...

Debbie said...

Oh my...we are so buried in snow it's not funny. I want to live where you are. Your spring is looking mighty fine. xo

Stephanie said...

mmm, short sleeves does it for me better than anything. :)
'Cept the redwing blackbird! I think that's my very favorite bird song. sigh.

Stephanie said...

wait - i meant to say "short sleeves and bare feet!" :)

Kerry said...

It has been pouring rain here for 48 hours straight. But the daffodils are coming up.