Tuesday, February 15, 2011

true love

happy valentine's day, sweetie - here's the comb.
Yes, things are "romannic" around here! Last night we shared some wine and he combed through my hair, wearing his lice-hunting gear, while I read the play he was preparing for class aloud to him (Moliere's The Misanthrope). Five acts, 2 hours...quality time and true love.

PS - Things are actually getting better around here; it's just really time-consuming! Yesterday I actually forgot that in addition to all the lice stuff we still had to manage to do the normal things like feed the cats and make dinner...We're trying a new homemade concoction today and if it works I will be sure to share it! 'Cause I know you're on pins and needles about the situation over here!!!

1 comment:

alissa said...

that is awesome, but should he be wearing your hat? you know, that is how lice are spread...
and when you put them in the freezer, zip them up tight in a bag. don't want those pesky lice in the ice cream, now do we?
hope your oil concoction worked today! if not, join me on the dark side!!!! it'll put a spring in your step, i guarantee. short hair is incredibly freeing...