Wednesday, March 16, 2011


What a treat we had today. My 93-year-old grandfather and my aunt and uncle came over for lunch.  They live in Wisconsin; a long way to come for lunch. They put us on their itinerary for the way home from visiting my cousin in North Carolina, and it was a lovely few hours spent together.
This picture of Papa reading to the girls makes me so happy. There is a cassette tape somewhere of him reading the very same stories to me and my sister when we lived overseas as young girls. I will always hear those stories in his voice!
When Eliza saw my aunt working on her quilt, she ran and got her knitting. Nothing like some intergenerational handwork.
Eliza, whose veins are fed by people energy, closeness, conversation and touch, especially in the company of family, was in heaven. She did her best to talk them into staying the night, and when that didn't work, was content to soak up what she could.
Ani, who is still young enough that we go through the web of connections every time we see extended family - now, this is this cousin's mama, and this cousin's grandmama, and mormor's sister, and Big Papa's daughter - all based on what family she saw most recently, is usually a little slower to warm up. This is also family we usually see in the presence of more great grandkids, which are an understandably delicious distraction, so it was really wonderful to see her quickly open up and enjoy them today.
Days like this stick in my kids' memories like jewels. They will talk about the day they came for lunch! for a long long time.
Miss Mary Mack
July! July! July-ly-ly-ly!
Makin' memories, my mom calls it. Thank you family!


merry said...

Oh Honey!This looks like it was a very successful visit, and longer than you anticipated.Papa was concerned that Ani wouldn't remember him and warm up to him - no problem there, huh? He loves those girls so much - a special bond with him and Eliza.I bet he's still smiling!

Debbie said... I cherish family. Missing my grandma soooo much.

I can't BELIEVE how grown-up Eliza looks.'s that gorgeous haircut I'm sure but she seems to have just blossomed overnight. What gorgous girls you have.

Isaac remembers these days like jewels too. I love that expression. He is going on about family gatherings that happened three years ago. He tolds them all dear in his heart. xo