Sunday, March 13, 2011

spring in our ears

We took a walk after dinner last night, the first quarter moon bright enough to make shadows of our bodies in the otherwise dark evening.  We headed for the bike path, looking to be deafened by the chorus of frogs...We weren't disappointed. I wish I could photograph the sound for you. To my very amateur ears, there were the peepers, the chorus frogs and the wood frogs, each with their own pitch and cadence.  My hand full of small girl's hand or crook of husband's arm, it was a walk out-of-time, suspended in the silhouetted branches of the still-bare trees.
It was one of those moments that will hang like a bright star, for all its ordinariness, as a memory of how our family welcomes spring.
:: :: :: ::
our garden's first blooming flowers - the crocuses
we are consumed with thoughts of Spring!


Debbie said...

No blooms yet here...but we are anxiously anticipating spring. Lovely photos. xo

Anonymous said...

COMFREY! Debbie, watch out. Don't be fooled by its tiny little innocuous-seeming green tender slender self. That baby is gonna be a beast...Love you!