Thursday, April 7, 2011


Yes, you're going to have to listen to me go on about spring again.  Really, when it's happening, there isn't much else to talk about, is there? It happens so quickly - arriving quickly, living such a short life, and then disappearing into the full sunlight of summer.  So. This day started with sushi rolls, kid-style (I think they did a pretty good job on the rolling, don't you?)
Then Out. Our mission was to find a place to plants some ramps Dan bought, roots and all, at market this week.  Though we don't have a good place for them at home, we are hopeful that they might thrive on our friends' land...
Our friends' property runs along a gorge.  It is impossible to convey how dramatically beautiful this spot is.
While looking for a good spot for the ramps (near beech, birch, or poplar, and in a spot that is somewhat wet), we discovered that the ramps she planted last year were GROWING!!!!! Beyond exciting. Now we knew exactly where to plant the new ramps!
The spring ephemerals were everywhere...
This was the second hike I've taken this week with a cat. I love hiking with a cat. Makes me feel all wise-woman-witchy.
Cutleaf toothwort
There is a creek running through the gorge right now; this is me trying to get some perspective on the hill and the size of the gorge. Can you see the child waaaay down there?
And here is the view from the bottom, back up towards the rocks. There were flowers everywhere we stepped - we were choosing between stepping on cutleaf toothwort, troutlily leaves, and trillium!
We did not step on the trillium.
Is there any better place for children to explore than a creek?
Dutchman's Britches
Hepatica with leaves
We found some good treasures in the thick leaf litter along the banks of the creek.  A turkey sternum (and yes, we went from "it's a fin!!" to "it's a pteradactyl crest!" to finally deciding on Big Bird and went from there...)...
A salamander baby (can you see it? Bottom right)...
It was gorgeous, all of it. I felt so lucky to be there, to have friends who share their bounty.
And in case you are finding me somewhat nerdy (what? you hadn't picked up on the nature-geek nature of this blog already??), rest assured that I share this trait with my good friends here. I am in excellent company.


Stacy (Mama-Om) said...

Nature Nerds Unite!! :)

I'm right there with you, honey. I mean, I wish I were literally there with you, but I definitely am in spirit.


Stephanie said...

It will be quite a while before there are any wildflowers around here, but until then we'll make do with yours!

And I'm not sick of spring yet. :)

Kerry said...

Beautiful spring flowers! Do you eat the leaves of the ramps, the bulb, or both? I know they are onion-y, but haven't eaten them and don't know if they grow in the NW.

slim pickins said...

kerry, i remember eating the leaves last year, but we bought them with bulbs (very tiny bulbs) at market and i found recipes calling for both. the bulbs add quite a bit of spice!! i made pesto last night...mmmmm...they are also known as wild leeks, but in my opinion, have a lot more flavor! i'd never heard of them before appalachia...

Jessica said...

Well if nerd means "An intelligent, single-minded expert" then having that claim is a blessing:)Loved seeing all the beauty of nature in your photos, esp the salamanders.i do not think we get them here!

Sparklee said...

What a magical place to explore!

We're nature nerds, too. Nerdy is the new cool!