Thursday, April 21, 2011

Good Earth Farm: Mandalas and Cob

We're still on the road this week, but I wanted to post photos from last Friday's farm school.  We arrive early every week to set up before the rest of the children arrive.  Ani likes to organize the childrens' bins on the porch of the old farm house.
After a morning of walking through the garden, collecting eggs, and jumping on hay bales (the universal favorite), we made food mandalas for lunch. The clouds lifted as we began, which was fitting as the mandalas reflected the full shining sun.
Our afternoon was spent mixing cob and working on the shelter that we started last week.
Clay, soil, sand, straw...Eliza adding water...
Adding in the straw, mixing it with their feet...
Adding "cobs" to the wall...
The kids decided to add a roof, made of boards and shale. There was a lot of discussion and problem-solving as they tried to make it leak-proof.  Then they got to test their work.
Ani had to crawl in to check it out...this is a doghouse for the beloved old farm dog, Peggy.
It has a little water bowl (made of cob!) inside, and windows in the sides.  We hope Peggy likes it.
Helping clean off each others' feet at the end of the day.
Mud. Water. Kids. Such a lovely day...

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